iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini Cracked Rear Glass Repairs Now Possible Without Replacement: Report


Apple is said to be introducing a new repair method to fix hardware issues on the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 mini that earlier needed the devices to be replaced. According to an internal memo sent by Apple to its authorized service providers and accessed by MacRumors, iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini phones with hardware issues such as a cracked rear glass would now be fixed using a new repair method starting February 23. The service providers are said to be receiving a new “iPhone Rear System” part that makes the repairs possible.

In an internal memo, cited by, MacRumors, Apple says that iPhone 12 (Review) and iPhone 12 mini (Review) models that are unable to be powered on or are facing issues with the Face ID system, logic board, or the enclosure of the device such as cracked rear glass, would be repaired by technicians using a new repair method.

A new “iPhone Rear System” part being made available to Apple authorised service providers (likely including Genius Bars), will allow technicians to replace Face ID system, logic board, and even the rear glass panel of an iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 mini instead of having to replace the whole unit, according to the memo. However, some issues will still require replacements, such as issues with cameras, which can’t be fixed with same unit repairs.

Without specifically naming the countries, Apple reportedly says in the memo that the new same-unit repairs will be offered in regions where the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 mini are sold. It adds that the move supports the company’s ongoing commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of every product that it sells.

The iPhone 12 series launched in India last year also includes the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

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  1. Better than previous models , except battery

  2. here is my review after 2 days of useDisplay:- 4/5Upgarded from iPhone 7 , it has OLED display that is really very good & FHD . But in sunlight it has been struggling.Camera:- 4/5Although it has 2 camera but you will not notice any big difference in daylight. Somewhat differ in Low Light.2nd camera is for ultrawideSelfie camera is really very good.Video:- 5/5 dolby vision hdr is very good , but it is limited to only ur device. Not work for social media post (instagram)Battery:- 3/5Attached screen shot 100 to 6 percentProvide you about 6hr of screen time.Compact & very light in weightUsing samsung 15 W chargerFrom 6 to 80 percent it has been taken 66 minute.Back side glass getting hot while charge and even while using youtube. When use Camera it is super hot. Need to be solve this issueIf you have iPhone 11 then wait for next genNot worthy to pay 20-30 extra for only OLED displayUpdate you more after using it about a week.

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    Mohammad Adil Tanveer 19 November 2020 at 00:00

    I just say that this phone is awesome.. Small phone.. easy to use and it fit in pocket easily.. I must say one thing if you are confused in iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini then if you ll use phone as primary then go for iPhone 12 and if you ll use phone as secondary then go for iPhone 12 mini.. Like my primary phone is OnePlus 8T and secondary is iPhone 12 mini..And one more thing.. Battery backup is decent.. You can use one day easily if you are not a hard core gamer..

  4. Power packed device in hand. Did lot of research before buying this over 12 pro or 12. Upgraded from 6s 16GB, what a relief. Kept the old device with me as second phone. Skipped amazon this time (for first time) to grab in store HDFC discount. Camera is super awesome. Went for 128GB as 16 GB made me really struggle last 1 year, I have 200 tv cloud also. Plan to keep this one for 5 years at least as the case was with 6s.Form factor was important for me, as I can’t pocket a phone bigger than this. Smaller than 6s and little (1.5 times) thicker. Blue isn’t that bad as some reviews said. It’s good. Make the 12 standout in this colour, as soon as you pocket out the phone.It’s a power horse, won’t regret.Now the battery, I don’t play games, but I use a few apps social media etc for 2-3 hours a day and have to attend a few long phone call and general office battery charged at 100% at 8am, 85% by 10 pm, 45% by 2PM and 15% by 9PM. If it could have pulled 2-3 hours more, it would be more fine. But I am one of those people, who don’t watch videos, don’t play music, don’t play games. I use phone most of the time for productivity, finance payment, messaging apps and news reading apps. So battery is a issue. And it’s a size vs battery battle. I think I will have to go for battery replacement after 2 years once the battery charging drops to 88%. It’s a difficult call. Go for it only if form factor matters more for you. If you can handle 12, go for it.UPDATE: After 10 days of use. Camera is really good. However, battery lasts from 8AM and dies at 6PM. I am regretting why I bought this phone and already called store to buy normal IPhone or Pro with bigger battery.UPDATE: After 30 days of use. The trade in value was about 60% so I continued with mini. The amazon offers are now better than store ones. I am also restricting to 6 hrs of screen time and it’s doing fine.

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    Jitendra Singh Aswal 13 December 2020 at 00:00

    The battery is worst of a kind. In today’s scenario when the apps are heavy and consume relatively more battery than 5s, something should have been thought of. Poor show

  6. All in all good phone those who loves compact phones. I have identified few things those who complain about battery life. Try these to improve battery life,1) try mobile data, bluetooth when not needed. With these two being on, I noticed considerable battery drain.2) when you are in remote places, try put it in airplane mode. This keeps phone searching for the network all the time and drains battery.3) hey Siri, please turn off yourself. I don’t use it anymore. Keeping Siri always on is not a good thing.This might help!

  7. Excellent Phone but Pathetic Amazon Service. I place the order on 1st Jan to be delivered by 2nd Jan at 11:00 AM. I got an OTP, a contact phone number with PIN for tracking. Since it was not delivered by 11:00AM, at 11:15 AM, I called the delivery person who said his shift got over and another person in the next shift would deliver. No one came, I called Amazon customer support, he said the delivery would happen by 5:00 AM on 3rd and updated status in “My Orders”. On 3rd Jan, when I called in the evening, he asked me to wait till 9:00PM, but no one came. I called at 9:30PM to register a complaint and blamed them for wasting my weekend waiting and following up. The representative said Amazon had 3 billion customers and delays happen and he doesn’t care if I’m unhappy. Also that amazon doesn’t need me, but it’s I who needs Amazon. Then I stopped calling. On 4th Jan I thought why lose my Rs 74,900, I thought let me try my luck. Luckily a gentleman from Customer service decided to support and I got it on 5th afternoon at 1:30 PM.My concern was that I chose the colour just because it was the only color available for delivery by 2nd Jan. It was meant to be a new year gift. Had I known it will be 5th Jan I could have anyway chosen a color of my choice.Amazon is good plaform to buy for cheap products, for premium products buy them in brick and mortar stores. You get the same offers.

  8. This is DAM small and looks like dummy piece, performance wise my MI note 3 is better than this.Don,t buy this. They will not replace or refund as well

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